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Lifetime Movie Starring Hollywood Star Lauren Holly
The Huntsville Times
Published on April 4, 2004
Article by Chris Welch

Holt, P.I. From undercover to front cover, latest stop is Hollywood for former Maysville resident It's about 10 a.m. on a weekday and Janice Swafford Holt, who grew up in nearby Maysville, is sitting in her SUV on a Nashville street, chatting on her cellphone and listening to a communications radio. She talks in a slightly hushed tone, is wearing a jogging suit, baseball cap and sunglasses and has her trusty "surveillance" dog Tucker, a Yorkie, along for the ride. She certainly could pass for just another Nashvillian getting ready to walk her dog - and that's the idea. You see, Holt is on the job. Read Article...

Published on February 27, 2003
Article by Matt Pulle

Undercovers: A scorned wife discovers that catching cheating spouses is her life’s calling. Had he never strayed, she wouldn’t have discovered her latent talent for sifting through trash, squatting behind shrubs and staking out philandering women while crouched in a pickup truck off the Alabama/Tennessee border. Her husband’s infidelity, however, brought out the private eye in Janice Holt. Read Article...
September 1993
Article by Ellis Henican

Want The Crime But Not the Punishment? Try Picturing Yourself As An Intrepid Private Eye! Scrap that tough talking, hard-drinking, macho image. These days, a gumshoe can wear heels, carry a silver-handled gun, coolly sip Evian! Read Article...